3RUN Family Jam

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The 3RUN Family Jam is an annual gathering organised by the 3RUN community. It is notable for its turnout, with many people travelling from abroad just to be join in with the event. The event also has a reputation for bringing together big names and new tricks.


Family Jams


This was the first family jam, with many big tricks being pulled off by Daniel Ilabaca.


The second family jam which featured a brief appearance from Chase Armitage.


The third 3RUN Family Jam took place on August 9th 2008, and was unfortunately disrupted by heavy rain. The jam mainly consisted of a large session at Festival Pier, where some new tricks were pulled off including the first double gainer and full in back out, before groups split up and headed to other undercover sections in the area.


The 2009 Family Jam will take place on August 8th 2008.