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8-Bit Tricks

23975_1392692409728_1004684100_1147849_5746759_n.jpg 8-Bit Tricks is a free running/Parkour group in Michigan that was formed in 2010. It was founded by Jesse Warren, Chris Powell and Zack Tierney. 3 friends from High school who originally started by just playing tag and using parkour based movements. After a few years they began to incorporated Free running based moves into their training. Having only one current video up, which consists of mostly Jesse Warren Doing some Intermediate Free Running moves, with a few cuts of more members Including Mike Schenavar, Chris Powell, And Zack Tierney.


Many of the members Have taken a Hiatus from Free Running at one point, Most notable being Zack Tierney who was one of the original members.

Jesse Warren

Micheal Schenavar

Christian Peterson

Christopher Powell

Cameron Convery(Unconfirmed)


Impulse Winter 2010

Youtube Page

The only current Youtube page is Jesse Warren's personal Youtube page.