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Airborn Entertainment [1] was established by Parkour Athlete Ryan Doyle, younger brother Anthony Doyle, Jean-Paul Jesstiece, Del Ronan and Mark Slater in 2004. Airborn Urban Academy is part of Airborn Entertainment.

Airborn Urban Academy Classes

Airborn Urban Academy

Airborn Academy stresses safety, respect, strong performance, and an open mind.

Airborn Academy provides a safe enviroment for children, adolescents, and adults alike. What has made Aiborn Academy unique is that it does not solely teach Parkour, but it insteads introduces break dancing, martial arts, free running, Parkour, and tricking, to anyone interested in learning. Students are taught by instructors with more than 5 years of experience including Ryan Doyle, Anthony Doyle, and Mark Slater.

The Airborn Urban Academies can be visted in Liverpool, Widnes, and New Brighton.

As told by Ryan Doyle, the name Airborn originated from the idea that one was 'born of air,' no "e" at the end.[1]

Ryan Doyle, instructor and actor at Airborn Entertainment


Airborn Entertainment has directed and produced short films including Sacrifice[2], Remdeption[3], and WILD [4]. The Airborn team is currently working on a film directed by Terry Cheung Shinobicode [5]. The films are without fight scenes, tricking, stunts, free running, and Parkour; the cinematography and storylines only add to the excitment and well-directed short films. Ryan Doyle, Anthony Doyle, Del Ronan, and Mark Slater make appearances in the films as well.




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