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Alex Watts, born March 11 1992, is a free runner and tricker from Fleet, UK[1].

In 2009 he surprised the community by releasing a video of himself frontflipping over a well-known roof gap in Basingstoke[2], first jumped by Chase Armitage, which had only been running jumped up to that point. The feat was so impressive due to the size of the gap, the height of the drop in between and the accuracy needed due to the small landing area.

At the 3RUN Family Jam in 2008, Alex Watts was the first free runner to ever attempt a standing full in back out outside on camera.

Lexy is also ridiculously cool and is even more awesome when he's intoxicated, before the 2009 family jam he got very drunk and a certain 'Liamm' (see Team Fishtricks) told him to wave a stick in the road, just as an unmarked police car drove past, he got a C-12 form and the certain 'Liamm' felt slightly responsible.

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