Apex Media

Apex Parkour are a team training both (parkour and street stunts) based primarily in Moreton but branch out to various other parts of the UK.

Team Members

  • Nick Whitcombe
  • Ben Taplin
  • Jack Lowry
  • Joe Scandrett
  • Jake Quinn
  • Will Sutton
  • Owen Hegarty
  • Michael Fishgold
  • Matthew "MadMatty" Jones
  • Matthew Jones
  • Nathan Chapman
  • Adam Leslie
  • Adam Sturgess
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Previous & Upcoming Media


  • Apex Sampler Teaser - After years of discussion, hype talk[1][2], build up[3], missed deadlines and many different unreleased cuts of the video it was finally released Christmas Day 2008[4] and still in production is the full duration sampler with no current release date set.


  • A Day In Liverpool feat. Team Velocity & Team Intensity - Filmed in a single day during a Liverpool gathering with Street Velocity and Team Intensity, the video contained many rarely seen tricks, including one of the first ever double gainers and dash fronts done outside of a padded gym. The video was filmed by Nick Whitcombe and edited by Sean Babas in Michigan USA
  • The Apex Sampler - Due for release in 2009 but no exact date has yet been mentioned.
  • Temporary Video - Apex & Friends Taster - Random clips of different people including: Jake Quinn, Joe Scandrett, Nick Whitcombe, Ben Taplin, Daniel Ilabaca, Ben Jenkin and Will Sutton. This video contained never seen before foward roll frontflip in one movement by Daniel Ilabaca and a dash bomb combination to handspring followed by 3 frontflips by Ben Jenkin. Also Ben Taplin has become the second person to frontflip the Basingstoke roof gap on what's known as Chase's gap. This, like all of their recent videos was edited by Sean Babas.
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