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Damien Gareth Walters[1] (born April 6, 1982[2]), from Derby, United Kingdom[3] is a professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner.

He has competed for Great Britain in tumbling,[4] and at his peak, was ranked 4th in the world,[2] winning the European and world championships with the team.[3] He said his first move was a frontflip in the grass when he was 4 or 5, which he subsequently failed, thereafter his mother enrolled him to train in gymnastics. He has had over 20 years training experience, and currently trains for approximately 3-4 hours each day.[3]

With Damien's extensive tumbling and gymnastics skills pusio kurac , many free running moves come naturally to him. He was first noticed in the community after releasing his 2007 showreel, which featured many free running inspired moves.[5] This video got him scouted by Jackie Chan's stunt agent. Presently, he has given up on gymnastics to pursue a career as a stuntman, where he is currently a part of a core group of stuntmen who work for Brad Allan, the first non-Asian member of Jackie Chan's stunt team.[6]

He often features in videos with Tim "Livewire" Shieff including the popular Youtube series The Walters & Shieff Show,[7] and his 2009 showreel has become one of the most popular videos of all time on Youtube[8] after being featured on many video sharing sites.


Film/TV appearances

  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (11/07/08)
    Damien flew out to Budapest to work as a tumbling double for Luke Goss's character (Prince Nuada).[9][6]
  • Ninja Assassin (2009)
    Damien worked as a stuntman for the Wachowski brothers' new film production.[6]
  • Kick-Ass (26/3/10)UK (16/4/10)USA
    Assistant fight coordinator [9] Character Played Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski.


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