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Dane "DC" Grant at White Air Festival 2006

Dane Grant (born in Zimbabwe on 29th December 1977[1]) is an experienced traceur and free runner from South Africa. He is a member and co-founder of Team Traceur[2]., a director of the Parkour/Freerunning media company Reel Motion[3]. and works with Sébastien Foucan on his current project FreerunningTV.com[4]..

Also known as "DC", he is credited with leading the parkour community in South Africa and is one of the founders of Parkour South Africa [5] and founder of Parkour Afrika [6].

[edit] Disciplines

  • Gymnastics (1991*)
  • Parkour & Free Running (since 2003)
  • Athletics (1995-2008) [7].

Specialities Include: High/Long/Triple Jump, Javelin & Pole Vault

  • SCUBA Dive Instructor (1998)

Specialities Include: Night, Deep, Tech, Navigation & Drift

  • Fitness Instructor (2010)

British Military Fitness Instructor - Johannesburg, SA

[edit] Media/Appearances/Performances

  • Virgin Softdrink : TV Commercial (Tunisia 2005) [8]
    Possibly the first parkour related TV commercial shot on African soil. Features members from Team Traceur (Dane Grant, Luke Markey, Chris Rowat and Nick Steer) running along Sidi Bou Said rooftops in Tunis, Tunisia.
    (It's still listed on people's top ten lists of parkour adverts) [9].
  • White Air : Extreme Sports Festival (Isle of Wight, UK 2005-2008)
    Dane introduced Parkour to the White Air festival in 2005 by running "Have-A-Go" workshops for the public and performing live displays with members from Team Traceur and other parkour community members. What started out by using simple obstacles such as small steps, streets curbs and a single oversized vault box, gradually grew with scaffolding, cars, railings and even started absorbing more of the main park's obstacles. The festival was eventually moved from the Isle of Wight to Brighton in 2009, which happened to be the last White Air event ever held. (The same guys who managed the freesports park at White Air now run X Works, and continue the tradition at festivals around the UK)
  • Space Chase - British Short Film (UK 2005)[10].
    An award winning British Short Film, shot in London over 2 days.
  • Parkour Journeys : DVD (Global 2006)[11]
    Featuring parkour documentaries and training videos
  • Sony Playstation : The Way Tour (Germany 2006 & 2007)
    A free running and parkour workshop tour held annualy in Germany sponsored by Sony Playstation where world class traceurs from across the globe are invited as instructors to coach and train many up and coming traceurs in various towns and cities across Germany.
  • London Rat Race : Station Manager (UK Sept 2008)[12].
    An adventure sports event where Team Traceur created and managed the Parkour Check-points in 2008
  • Mercedes : Product Launch (Auto China, Beijing 2008)[13].
    The international launch for the Mercedes GLK model, where the freerunners participated in a live show in Beijing at the Chinese Auto Show 208 and completed a TV advert. Dane was responsible for putting the team together that took part in this project and featured Daniel Ilabaca, Oleg Vorslav, Luke Markey, Andreas Kalteis, Sébastien Foucan and Julian Donovan.
  • Energade : Product Launch (Tiger Brand's HQ, South Africa Sept 2009)
    Live performance to launch the new Energade drink.
  • Renault Megane : Product Launch (South Africa Sept 2009)[14].
    Live performance to unveil the new Renault Megane to the SA Press.
  • Dunlop Zone : TV Commercial (South Africa 2010)[15]
    The first high profile campaign in South Africa to use Parkour exclusively in their marketing, by associating the company employees to traceurs who do everything by precision.

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