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The dash bomb or dash front flip is performed by doing a dash vault into a front flip.



Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez invented it and landed it in a gym, and coined it with the name dash bomb[1].


He was the first to try it outside but barely made the rotation and landed on his back. [2]

Ronnie Shalvis

Ronnie Shalvis was the first to land the dash bomb onto grass off of drop[3].

He is currently training to add a half twist to the flip. This move is known as a dash barani and has not yet been landed onto a solid surface. He has however landed it onto crash mats[4] and has intentions of taking the move to grass[5].

Joe Scandrett

At the age of 13, Joe Scandrett was the first English free runner to land it on grass. He did it at the same spot on the pavilion where Daniel Ilabaca recorded the Kong Gainer video[6].

Ney Chapman

Ney tried it off the pavilion at the same spot as Joe Scandrett in Moreton, Liverpool[7], but broke his foot with the attempt[8].

Scott Jackson

Scott attempted a variation of this move from a static seated position. He has landed it onto crash mats. [9]

Tapp Brothers

One of the Tapp brothers landed a Dash Bomb from the static seated position onto grass.[10]

Owen Hegarty

Owen Hegarty made a variation of the dash bomb called the lazy bomb in which he did a theif vault in the dash position and then did the front flip. He under rotated and landed on a crash mat below..[11]


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