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The standing double gainer is currently one of the most respected moves in the free running community, with only a handful of people having attempted them outside and even fewer having been landed.



This section notes all recorded double gainer attempts outdoors to date[1].

Jonah Mayfield

In 2007 Jonah Mayfield attempted a double gainer onto sand from a relatively low height, unsuccessfully landing in a faceplant[2]. This is presumed to be the first double gainer attempt outdoors. He comments in the video that he doesn't think he'll ever try it again.

Joe Scandrett

At the annual 3RUN Family Jam on August 9th, 2008, Joe Scandrett attempted a double gainer at Festival Pier in London, but he under-rotated and landed on his front[3]. It was later claimed that he was forced into it and didn't want to attempt the move[4].

Brett Curry

Later in August 2008, Brett Curry cleanly landed a double gainer at Festival Pier[5].

Russian Guy

A Russian guy did it onto grass (link please).

Will Sutton

In April 2009 during a Liverpool jam, after several attempts onto a crashmat, Will Sutton landed two double gainers onto grass[6]


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