Double wallflip

The double wallflip involves essentially performing a double backflip from a wallflip setup, although usually with many steps up the wall to give a lot of height to rotate with. This move has only been landed once outside of a gym.[1]



  • On December 28, 2007, Levi "SkyNative" Meeuwenberg released a Bails and Fun video which ended with a section on the "two years in the making" double wallflip in a gym on a slanted block[2]. His first attempts were with the aid of a harness, but the final attempt was cleanly landed and without any assistance. He has not yet attempted it on a flat wall or outside.


  • In April, 2008, Ryan Houchin of Team Tempest landed a double wallflip in a gym with a large crash mat and a spotter[4]. Unlike other attempts, this was with only one step.


  • A January 2009 sampler released by Unleashed-Yalta contained a double wallflip attempt outside on a pebble beach with the aid of spotters, but was bailed [5]. He commented on June 5 that he didn't want to do the move and had been forced into it, and that he hadn't done it again but plans to in the future [6]
  • On 26 October 2009, youtube user 'kyDeSnikST' released a video of his 17 year old friend Lee from Pskov. (where?) Russia, who apparently has learned all his flips without a gym. 28 seconds into the video you see him perform a two step double wallflip from a dirt mound to land crouched.[7] This is the first known landed attempt of a double wallflip outside of gym. The video was later reuploaded to what seems to be Lee's own channel[8]


  • In December 2010 Ben Jenkin "Jenx" does a double wallflip in 'DOUBLE WALLFLIP SNEAK PEEK: PARKOUR & FREERUNNING WORKSHOP: BEN "JENX" JENKIN' video. He does that in gymnastic on a flat wall with just one step.
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