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The boundaries of free running are constantly being pushed with new revolutionary moves, the forus of Freerunning is turning less from runs or combinations of Parkour and free running] to seeing what the hardest trick can be done. In 2008 on August the 8th at the 3RUN Family Jam Full in back out and double gainer were both attempted, although neither were landed they spawned a new craze of copycats attempting to be the first to land them, and just to add that move to their itinerary.


Double Flips

Double Twists

  • Backflip Double full
  • Frontflip Double full
  • Gainer Double full
  • Double Aerial Twist
  • Double Corkscrew
  • Double Butterfly Twist

Triple Twists

  • Triple Corkscrew
  • Areal Triple Twist
  • Triple Buterfly Twist

Vaults into Flips