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Free run and parkour related quotes/meme. This article is not a joke in itself, but was written to help newcomers understand the community's running gags and their origins.


[edit] Easy now, Livewire here.

Livewire's sentence, he says it in many videos.

William Spencer adapts the sentence to himself, in the video Summer 2009 by Livewire, by saying "Easy now, William Spencer here" [1].

[edit] I reckon I could crane that

The quote first appeared in MattNick and Rich J parkour/flips Training[2], a video uploaded on Youtube on June 26th 2007. After praticing a few times a cat leap, Rich Jones tells Matt Nicholson, who was holding the camera, You know what? I reckon I could crane that!. Rich is then seen succesfuly landing the jump in a crane position, but with the help of his hands.

A few months later, Shaun Wood used the sentence in Shaun Wood - Time[3] in which the australian traceur was seen trainning on a set of low walls. At one point, he bends over and says to the camera: In reckon I could crane that.. The following clips show Shaun succesfully landing the jump in a crane position and then in as a precision jump.

In August 2008 Parkour RichJ/MattNick, summer training 08[4], a video on Youtube in which Rich Jones did a cat leap from one roof to another, was released. In the next clip, Matt Nicholson says with sarcasm In reckon I could crane that., meaning he could do the very same jump, but landing with one foot onto the second roof.

Also, in December 2008, came Frosti's video on American Parkour's Youtube channel, called Reckon[5]. It was named after Mat Nicholson's famous sentence[6].

[edit] It's in every video

This sentence refers to clips of Max Runham's fake arm falling off or him removing it in many parkour videos (most of them take place in London).


Phill's historic lie, see STANDING FRONT.

[edit] Notes

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