Gainer (Tricking)

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In tricking, a gainer is a backflip done off one foot.


[edit] Straight gainer

In a straight gainer, the swinging leg is kick in the direction of the same-side knee. The straight gainer is landed either both feet at the same time or the non-swinging leg. The second option allows a swingthrough.

[edit] Variations

  • Gainer arabian
  • Gainer full
  • Double gainer

[edit] Slant gainer

In a slant gainer (or moonkick), the swinging leg is kicked in the direction of the oposite knee. It makes the flip a bit slanted to the side and the move is landed on the swinging leg.

The name cheat gainer is used for this move in free running, but it should not be used in a tricking context as the term "cheat" is reserved for moves starting with a cheat set-up.

[edit] Variations