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[edit] Editing a page

Browse to the article you want to edit, then click on the edit tab at the top. When you are finished editing, click Show preview to make sure it turns out how you want it, then Save page to submit it. The changes will appear on the article instantly

[edit] Creating a page

Search for the name of the article you want to create using the search box to the left of the site. When it tells you the article doesn't exist, click on the red create this page. link to do so, then edit it as normal. Remember that capitalisation is important.

[edit] Formatting (bold, links, images etc.)

See Help:Editing

[edit] Creating an account

Use the links at the top right of the site on any page, or use this link: Special:UserLogin

[edit] Seeing recently edited articles

Click on Recent changes on the left menu which links to Special:RecentChanges.

[edit] Using the discussion/talk pages

If you want to discuss an article: maybe suggest a change, or ask about something that's in the article, click on the discussion tab above the article. If it's blue, there is already a talk page for the article, if not then it will be red.

If you are starting a new topic you should make a heading (==Heading==), and to reply to a post you should put it below the other post, and indent it (using a colon - ':'). To put your signature (name, and date/time), type ~~~~. And finally <br /> makes a single newline. For example:

:I think there should be a section about his early life<br />


I think there should be a section about his early life
James 17:05, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Adding a page to a category

Simple add

[[Category:category name]]

To the bottom of the page.

[edit] Setting up a redirect

E.g. if you wanted to redirect Pk to Parkour, you would create the Pk page and put this as the text:

#REDIRECT: [[Parkour]]