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About Khalid

Khalid was born on the 1st of November 1993, he is 16 years old and is currently a mixed martial artist. He currently trains at Next Generation MMA.


Khalid started Parkour on September 3rd 2007. He took an interest to it when he seen people in his school practicing it, he then went out the following weekend with the people he'd seen and spent the weekend doing Parkour. In the summer holidays he went to Yemen for 6 weeks, where he spent his time reading about parkour philosophy and watching various videos of practicioners, he returned on the 2nd of September. On the 3rd he went out training where he injured himself doing a precision jump onto a slippery surface where he fell and injured his ankle badly.


After training parkour about a year he decided he wanted a change and took up tricking which stemmed from his love of kicks from karate, in which he currently holds a black belt. However, he never really progressed alot in tricking and says this is one of the reasons he stopped.

Quitting Parkour/Tricking

Khalid started to lose interest in parkour and tricking in September of 2009, due to his fast growing interest in mixed martial arts aswell as the quick progression he had made in it. He officially stopped in October of 2009. However, he has said "To be honest I really do still have an interest in parkour and tricking, so when the weather starts getting better, hopefully if I can be bothered, I will do it again"

Mixed Martial Arts