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Welcome to the Free Running Wiki - an English-language collection of knowledge about free running, parkour and the related disciplines. Anyone is welcome to edit or create pages which contribute to the site, and there is no requirement for pages to be perfectly written - they can be improved over time by other members.

See Help:Contents for an explanation of how to do things like formatting. To edit a page, use the edit tab at the top of any article. To create a page, search for the name of the page and use the create this page option. Create an account if you want to see your name by edits you make.

There are currently 418 articles. Help expand the wiki by creating or improving articles!

Looking for free running tutorials? Wrong site! This is a collection of information, not a how-to resource. Check out this guide instead.


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How can I help?

You are free to edit any article you want, however to make it easier we have these categories:

For help, questions or comments, send an email to [at]

Please note that at the moment this Wiki is in a read-only mode and can't be edited, due to excessive targeting by spammers. We are currently working on a solution.