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The monkey gainer or kong gainer is a free running move which involves a practitioner performing a monkey or kong vault and using the leverage from their arms to push themselves immediately into a gainer without their feet coming into contact with the ground.



Daniel Ilabaca

On April 15th 2007, a video showing Daniel Ilabaca doing a Monkey Gainer at the Pavilion in Liverpool was uploaded to Chris Ilabaca's YouTube account[1]. The clip had the effect of a bomb in the Free Running community because not only was it a brand new move but it was also done off a fairly high drop into grass.

The clip was originally uploaded as Monkey Gainer, but due to requests from the community[2].

It was also mentioned that Danny practised this move in his garden by doing it onto his back from a low height onto a crash mat, then when he knew he was ready he took it to the pavilion.

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle did in on concrete[3]. It is noticeable that his head comes closer to the wall, but he makes the rotation faster. It also appeared later in his video Crazy Park Day.

Ryan Splangler

Ryan Spangler was the first person to do the kong gainer on plyo (level) in a gym[4]


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