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Ryan Doyle doing a Monkey Gainer[1]

The monkey gainer or kong gainer is a free running move which involves a practitioner performing a monkey or kong vault and using the leverage from their arms to push themselves immediately into a gainer without their feet coming into contact with the ground.



The monkey gainer has now been landed outside onto grass by several people[2], but some of the first successful attempts and developments are listed below


  • On April 15th 2007, a video showing Daniel Ilabaca doing a Monkey Gainer at the Pavilion in Liverpool was uploaded to Chris Ilabaca's YouTube account[3]. The clip had the effect of a bomb in the Free Running community because not only was it a brand new move but it was also done off a fairly high drop into grass. The clip was originally uploaded as Monkey Gainer, but then changed to Kong Gainer due to people complaining about the name[4]. It was also mentioned that Danny practised this move in his garden by doing it onto his back from a low height onto a crash mat[5], then when he knew he was ready he took it to the Pavilion.
  • Later in April Daniel also performed the kong gainer over the railing at Festival Pier, London[6][7].
  • Ryan Doyle did the move on soft park floor(play floor) in July 2007[8]. It is noticeable that his head comes closer to the wall, but he makes the rotation faster. It also appeared later in his video Crazy Park Day[9].


  • Ryan Spangler was the first person to do the kong gainer on flat, he did it on plyo in a gym[10]. Not only was he the first one to do so but he also did the combo: kong gainer to frontflip.[11]


  • On September 3, 2009, Bjarke Hellden uploaded a video of himself performing the kong gainer on a level, hard wooden floor, over a single wooden beam[12]. This was the first time it had been seen on flat ground on anything harder than plyo.
  • A clip was released on November 30, 2009 of Daniel Ilabaca performing a standing monkey gainer from the top of the Pavilion (a height of about 30 feet) onto a small pile of crashmats[13]. This was both the highest recorded monkey gainer and the first attemp from standing[citation needed]


  • Herttua released a 2009/10 winter sampler included a monkey gainer on flat straight into a roundoff double full on plyo.[14] It also featured a kong gainer 360 attempt into a foam pit, and a kong double gainer attempt, although he didn't get over his head on the second flip.


  • Double kong gainer - A double kong instead of a single kong. So far this move has only been landed onto soft surfaces in gyms.[15][16]
  • Monkey double gainer - The athlete stays tucked after the first flip in order to complete a second one before landing. So far, it has only been done into a foam pit.
  • Monkey gainer 360 - The gainer includes a 360 spin or fulltwist, making it a gainer 360. First landed by Pasha onto sand in a video called Pasha & Stas Sands of TimeCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag, but it is yet to be attempted outside.
  • Frog Gainer - A kong gainer where you do a ground kong into the gainer where there is a drop. No ledge is needed. First done by Pasha at Red Bull Art of Motion 2010.


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