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This wiki attempts to cover as many movements or tricks, which relate to free running, parkour or the related disciplines, as possible. The type of information which could be included on a movement's article include:

  • A description of the move
  • Any alternate names
  • Common variations
  • History - the first people to land the move
  • How common the move is
  • Which disciplines the trick is seen in


Many movements spread into multiple categories of movement, however we have attempted to come up with a set of categories which include minimal overlap, and cover all movements. It is best to choose only one category per move, but in some cases there will be overlap. Note that, for example, a triple cork should only be placed in triple twists, and not the parent twists category. Moves are categorised in the following hierarchy underneath Category:Moves:

We have also created the following flat categories for compiling a collection of all moves seen in each discipline. When categorising a move, if it appears in more than one discipline then adding it to more than one of these categories is recommended: