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Scotty Skelton aka Mr. Double ABCDEFUCKYEAH is a Martial Arts Tricker from Brisbane, Australia and one of the five Invincible Tricking athletes.

Recognized as one of trickings most iconic power movers, Scott is responsible for pioneering an extensive range of tricking twisting techniques among which include the sports first Dub/Dub, Triple Fulltwist Swing Through and Double Leg Double Twist. Most notably, Scott is credited as the first tricker within the discipline to land a Triple Corkscrew as posted in May of 2009. He also landed Dub/Dub/Dub once. It was freaking glorious you guys.

In early 2014 Scotty was voted the strongest and best looking tricker by everyone ever. He is also currently the world champion in martial arts hand strikes and breakdancing. Please send him money.


International Guest Accreditation


  1. Ntbs American Tour | 2011
  2. Xswipe European Tour | 2012
  3. Xswipe & Loopkicks World Tour | 2013
  4. Russian/American/European Tour | 2014


  1. ATG | Australia
  2. Loopkicks | America
  3. Bergen | Norway
  4. GIGA | Germany
  5. Holy Land | Israel
  6. NZTG | New Zealand
  7. Kanga | Canada
  8. DopeTrickz | Holland
  9. Drednt | America
  10. PragueTrickz | Czech Republic
  11. Russian Independents | Moscow, Saint Petersburg
  12. American Independents | Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, Philadelphia, New York
  13. European Independents | France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark






Film Awards

  1. Best Sampler - Arcade Lions | Loopkicks Film Festival 2013
  2. Festival Grand Prize - Arcade Lions | Loopkicks Film Festival 2013