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Scotty Skelton aka Mr. Double ABCD is a power based tricker from Australia. He is responsible for an extensive number of tricking twisting firsts including the first Double Leg Double Twist, Double Full S/T Double Cork, Triple Full S/T, Quadruple Fulltwist and Triple Cork.


"The Legend of Mr Double ABCD"

Scotty Skelton. Handsome, generous, forgiving and agriculture. These are just some of the words he probably knows. Born 'John McLays dad runs a homo-erotic night club' In 1987, Scott began tricking in 2005 in Brisbane, Queensland and was among some of Australias first trickers including members of HTU, Team E and Team GS. As a beginning tricker Scott showed high interest in the kicking techniques of tricking which quickly earned him the nickname TKDANDY (A tribute to a then well known Tricks Tutorials forum member, who would later become Scott's greatest supporter and life coach). As his interest in tricking progressed he quickly established himself as the most prominent kick-tricker the sport had ever seen, winning back to back NASKA titles in all divisions (male and female) in the following two years and subsequently giving birth to Daniel Pitlock.

All that changed on July the 14th 2007 when Scott was arrested by local law enforcement for almost killing Sarah Musk with a Backside 1440 in a live kicks battle on EPSN prime time, throwing the American nation into chaos. Scotts bail was immediately posted by members of MG010 and he appeared in court four days later under the legal advice of Michael Guthrie entering a successful plea of "What was she doing out of the kitchen?". Profoundly shaken by the four and half minutes he spent in prison Scotts personality was augmented at a fundamental level, marking the beginnings of his establishment as the forefather of all gangsta mentality in tricking. A period in which he frequented gym sessions carrying multiple firearms justifying his possession with the claim his time in 'The big house' had made him 'harder than the last time Vellu released a sampler'.

Sadly Scotts reign on kick tricking was not to last, with his visit to a wandering gypsy psychic (Now universally understood to be one Morten Risberg A.K.A Darnho) in 2008, where he committed arguably the greatest mistake of his life. Details are sketchy but from what scholars can gather, Scott, attempted to pay for his consultation with a pop 3, accidentally enraging the spiritual medium to such a degree he took it upon himself to curse scotts soul with a radically flamboyant alter ego named Mr Double ABCD, stripping Scott of his kicking ability and instilling in Mr Double ABCD an unquenchable penchant for Quad twisting techniques that could only be ultimately satisfied by his attainment of the title of Mr Quadruple ABCD.

Followed by the loss of his kicking ability Scott fell on hard times losing the respect of thousands of karate men everywhere and perhaps most heartbreakingly the support of his greatest inspiration TKDANDY, who in a public statement on Tricks Tutorials said "omg eye lub kikz djoo gaizzz." Realizing that he had nothing left to live for, Scott resolved to commit suicide on his front lawn but in a cruel twist of fate accidentally landed Double ABC on grass for the first time. Scott experienced even less luck trying to hurl himself from the highest rope he could climb at a local gym the following day wherein during his 25 second free fall towards the ground, accidentally completed his entire 'Lost Sessions 2009' sampler and half of Cepopeye 9.

Luckily all was not lost. Scotts four greatest friends, John McLay, JongTae Kim, Sarah Musk and Phillip Gibbs staged an intervention and rallied together in an attempt to save Scotts tricking career by creating Team Inversion, a modern day task force for the cultivation of tricking power moves and flamboyant homo erotica. - More modern records will note, Team Inversion was almost immediately renamed in favor of Team Steve Terada cited a a tribute to the teams greatest influence and Johns biological father -

Today Scotty Skelton continues his journey of humility and redemption, documenting his gradual progression on his youtube channel ( hoping to one day utilize his granted ability in power moves to such an extent he can finally satisfy Mr Double ABCD's lust for tricking power, ultimately vanquishing his spirit and in turn restoring his ability as the worlds greatest kick tricker.

In the mean time he enjoys taking tricking seriously, people who wear hats while tricking, raising his son Phil Gibbs, researching the best way to use tricks in a fight and writing ridiculously long Wikipedia entries when he should be stretching. Please send him money.





First Triple Corkscrew in History

Mr. Double ABCD - TRIPLE CORK!!!

This is the first triple cork ever uploaded to the web. (May 25, 2009)