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Nathan 'Ney' Chapman (born June 3, 1995) is a free runner and gay lord from Liverpool who started free running with his cousin Adam Leslie in January 2008.

In May 2008, he joined Airborn gym, and began to train at jams rather than with friends. Later, in 2009, Ney and Adz made a team called Intensity, which only has three members: Ney, Adz and Callum Barnett.

Recently Ney broke his foot attempting a dash bomb of the Pavilion in Moreton[1], making him land the first ever stuck dash bomb outside.


Ney's favourite food is pasta[2].[3].


  1. "YouTube - Hahahaha.".
  2. Ney says:
    My favourite food is pasta
  3. Ney says:
    My favourite food is NOT pasta