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Oleg Vorslav (born 25.01.1988) is a free runner from Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Latvia[1]. He has been a member of the Dvinsk Clan[2] for many years, and has recently become part of the WFPF[3].

He first became known after his extremely popular video Dvinsk Clan - Le Parkour, released in 2006[citation needed], which was recognised for the high difficulty of many of the moves he was performing (especially for the time). The video eventually became one of the most viewed videos on Google Video.

In recent years he has become recognised for his unique and innovative bar work, mainly utilising a climbing structure in Daugavpils consisting of an array of thin metal bars above sand. His videos The Quest of Movement and Out of Time were mostly based around that single area. Oleg Vorslav was also Madonna's parkour dancer in Confessions Tour, 2005. When he was 9 years he started to do easy vaults, than he started to do gymnastik and at the age of 13 he left school because of parkour.


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