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Paul "Ez" Corkery is the manager of Urban Freeflow[1].

Paul then decided to give up free running and just run the company.

[edit] Controversies

Ez is a source of controversy in the free running community, mainly due to his attitude of earning money even at the cost of 'blackening' the reputation of freerunning and parkour[2]. Before managing Urban Freeflow, he was the owner of a failing tshirt company, and was in trouble for tax evasion[2].

He has also been criticised for moderating the Urban Freeflow forums too strictly, with noticable deletions of posts and even whole topics[3][2]. He also criticised notable rivals, 3Run of having sub-par athletes who wouldn't stand a chance in the against the WFC's line up[4][5], and was easily trolled by Cane Armitage himself into claiming UF's superiority, boosting their many members. However, the forums are pretty much dead[6]. (This could be caused by Paul's strict deletion policy of any posts disagreeing with UF, leaving no posts left).

There were documentaries, websites, and individuals who would try to rename and redefine parkour for their own benefit. One such individual and perhaps the most notorious player in parkour was Paul Corkey (EZ). EZ was an entrepreneur with one failed t-shirt business under his belt already, Choke Athletics. While running Choke Athletics EZ used multiple fictitious internet identities to promote his site and clothing line while denouncing his rivals on their own sites. EZ's practice of lies and deceit was exposedby the organization SFUK, and Choke Athletics was eventually dissolved as a result of EZ's poor business practices. On February 8th 2003 EZ met up with UK traceurs to train for the first time, and founded the website Urban Freeflow (UF) two days later. UF would use edginess, youth lingo, flashy cartoons, and other stylish images to draw in youngsters. The site would serve as EZ's second t-shirt business, and would eventually be the world's leading source of misinformation on parkour. EZ used the same shady tactics employed with Choke Athletics on Urban Freeflow, but this time he had complete control. With multiple accounts on his own forum, he and his business partner Mark Toorock (M2) would guide the public opinion by posting propaganda, deleting any comments that did not fit their goals, and banning any member that spoke against them. UF was one of the few places to talk about parkour on the internet. That, coupled with their hip flashy cartoon image immediately gained them popularity among youths and recognition from the media.

[edit] Praise

[edit] Notes

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