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David Belle - Rush Hour Le Parkour(BBC)

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Rush Hour was the name given to a BBC trailer/advertisement shown frequently across the nation on the BBC in 2002[1], making it one of the first times parkour was exposed to many of the people who saw it.

The commercial featured David Belle climbing out of his office window to begin a run across a series of London rooftops before climbing in through his window to turn on his TV to the BBC. All of the stunts seen in the clip are performed without the use of safety wires, althought some jumps were landed on crashmats, out of the camera's view.[2]

[edit] Rush Hour Gap

The most symbolic moment in the advert was a running jump over an enormous roof gap[3], which was completed by David without the aid of crash mats or any safety equipment[citation needed], although a ramp was built for him to run up to the jump on, as the edge of the rooftop had a high ridge[citation needed].

This jump is 23 feet long and the gap between the roofs is arround 60 feet high.[2] It is known as the 'Rush Hour Gap'[4] and there is no evidence of it having been done by any other traceur.

[edit] Notes

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