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A speed vault to sideflip or speed side is a free running move that involves a speed vault linked with a sideflip without the free runner's feet touching the ground.

There are two variations to this move. The free runner can either do the sideflip using the momentum of the speed vault (A.K.A. doing the sideflip with the vault) or he can swing his body to the oposite direction in order to get his momentum (A.K.A. doing the sideflip against the vault).




  • Owen Hegarty
    Into water. [1]


  • Jakob "J Flip" Jensen
    Foam pit. [2]

  • Sergio Bödtker-Lund
    Into sand. [3]


  • Kyle Spevak
    Landed flat in gym and will be taken onto grass from a drop soon. [4]

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