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Free Inspiration www.3inspiration.com

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Watch on Youtube
Download (52MB)
ReleasedOctober 5 2008
CreatorChase Armitage
FeaturingChase Armitage
Cole Armitage
Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance
Bonobo - Ketto

Embedding an infobox about a Youtube video, add it to the top of an article like so:

{{ Infobox YouTube 
| id = KlH9_pxB9ew 
| title = Free Inspiration www.3inspiration.com 
| length = 5:16 
| released = October 5 2008 
| creator = [[Chase Armitage]] 
| featuring = [[Chase Armitage]]<br />[[Cole Armitage]] 
| download = http://3run.nwps.ws/free-inspiration/quicktime620/free-inspiration-620.mov 
| downloadsize = 52MB 
| music =  Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance<br />Bonobo - Ketto 
  • id: Required - ID of the video - the short youtube id of the video
  • title: Title of the Youtube video
  • image: Link to a thumbnail image to use - if you leave this out then by default 2 YouTube thumbnails will be used, but if you want a custom image then use this
  • length: Length in minutes and seconds (e.g. 2:19)
  • download: Link to download
  • downloadsize: Size of download (e.g. 50MB)
  • released: Release date
  • creator: Person who created the video
  • featuring: People featured in the video (seperate names with <br /> and link to their name articles if they exist)
  • music: List of music, seperate with <br />