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This article describes the common terminology used when describing moves (or other stuff too?)



  • Plyo - Plyometric, i.e. sprung floor. This is the type of floor used in gymnastics floor events, and is what trickers will make use of while training in a gym.



it's like when you take off of 1 foot, and are already rotating while you're still on the ground init. Often done with a 'windup.'


'pop pop' nigga lol jk. it's when you take off both feet at once.


when you land on your take off leg from a move, and swing your power leg into another flip. brap


land on your other leg bro


The act of reversing the direction of motion that a leg is traveling in order the do a trick in the new direction.

Wrap through

miss your first leg and go to the other one jk that's wrong. it's when you tansition from one move to another, and don't put your second foot down, jk that's probs wrong also


  • 180 - A half spin, i.e. the free runner lands facing the opposite way from his starting point
  • 360 / Full twist - A single full spin, i.e. the free runner lands facing his starting point, and is generally done during a flip, e.g. 360 precision or back fulltwist. Quantifiers like double or triple can be added before full to specify multiple spins.
  • 540 - 1.5 spins (a full spin followed by half a spin)
  • 720 / Double full - 720 refers to two full spins one after the other, e.g. gainer double full


  • Layout - Instead of tucking, the body is fully extended during the flip.
  • X-out