Triple cork

A triple corkscrew involves performing a cork with 3 full spins before coming back in contact with the ground.



Scott Skelton was the first tricker to land the triple cork on a plyo floor[1]. His triple cork was done right after a scoot valdez switch. The video was released on May 25, 2009. Before Scott Skelton, a lot of people had done it off height including Link from Lavida Street Stunts and Daniel Brenes[citation needed], but Scott was the first person to do it on flat ground.

There have been many other attempts from various trickers[2][3][4][5][6]. Although some come close, none included a clean landing.

A video filmed on November 6, 2009 showed Michael Guthrie landing the first triple cork from a gumbi setup. The video wasn't uploaded until December, but the uploader also claims that Michael had landed them even better and earlier than the footage was shot, but just never on camera.


On March 29, 2010, a video of Kech at a Madrid gathering claimed to be the first J-Step triple cork[7]. There is much debate over this, with many people claiming it counts, but with closer inspection it's clear that both his knees hit the ground[8][9], making it unlanded.

The first person to land the triple cork from a J-step setup was Michael Guthrie in a video released on May 27, 2010[10]. The landing is clean with his knees and hands nowhere near the ground, so there are no doubts over the validity of this attempt.


In early 2011, Kech became the first to land a J-step triple cork on grass.[11]

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