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''[[Ben Carter]]'' (Axe)
''[[Ben Carter]]'' (Axe)
===Dima Pascaru===
''[[Dima Pascaru]]'' A young tracuer who was training at one of our hot spots. He was more then happy to join our team.

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Urban Flow team logo

Urban Flow is a parkour/freerunning and tricking team. As of now there are only videos of the leader, Kyle Spevak, Sean Esguerra, Zack Williams, Brandon & Frank Schilling, and Michael Smith. They freerun in Bensalem and Levitown Pennsylvania. Dr. Psycho looks up to Livewire as his idol and legend. He also admires Showtime from Team Tempest and Bjarke Hellden from Team JiYo. Message the Urban Flow YouTube account if you need help with any movements or want to sponsor them.


Team Members

Kyle Spevak

Kyle Spevak (Dr. Psycho) created the Urban Flow parkour team when he first started free running. Since then, members have been joining and quitting frequently. He mainly free runs at Valley Elementary School (hence all the videos featuring the school) and all around the Bristol Township area. He offers to teach anyone how to free run that is willing to put time into the discaplin. He often tells anyone learning not to feel as if they are terrible because he has been free running for a while and is also a quick learner. He is also a bigger fan of front rotations than back rotations, however he can still do tricks envolving back rotations. He also created a Cylcone Flip, which is a front flip while traveling side ways.

Sean Esguerra

Sean Esguerra (Double F) is the vice president of the team. He and Kyle Spevak often train together in Bensalem. He likes to show off for people and is mainly a fan of doing flips instead of vaults. He is good friends with Kyle Spevak and they both try to outdo each other by learning new tricks that the other cannot do.

The Schilling Brothers

Brandon Schilling (Warrior) and Frank Schilling joined the Urban Flow parkour and free running team most recently. They have both attempted back flips outside on molch and both failed. Frank was closer but he accidentaly untucked a little too early and bailed. Brandon however landed on his face and hands. Brandon is the only one out of the two that has landed a back flip in the gym and Frank is the only one who landed a wall flip in the gym. Frank has yet to attempt a wall flip outside.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith (Domo) joined to have another way of hanging out with his best friend (Kyle Spevak) and because he thought it looked cool. He managed to learn how to kong within five minutes and then was eager to take it off of high places. He also has the award for most epic bail out of everyone in the team. He has yet to free run again, but Kyle Spevak plans to get him to free run more. Michael Smith also skateboards and might become the next William Spencer.

Ben Carter

Ben Carter (Axe)

Dima Pascaru

Dima Pascaru A young tracuer who was training at one of our hot spots. He was more then happy to join our team.

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