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William Spencer (born 1982/1983 (?)[1]) is a skateboarder from Denver, Colorado who is recognised in the free running community for incorporating large amounts of acrobatics, including free running and parkour movements, into his skateboarding.

He is sponsored by The Denver Shop[2], with videos of him on YouTube usually being his parts from the shop's videos.

He first became noticed in the community after his video Hollarado, which opened with a huge running cat leap from a roof to a trailer, and finished with a front flip down a 10 step stair-set landing on a skateboard[3], something which had never been attempted before. The front flip onto the skateboard apparently took him around a year to land, with dozens of attempts resulting in him breaking his board or landing on his ankle[1][4]

Apart from skating, William also has an interest in becoming a professional stuntman[1]. He admired his brother Shad Spencer who used to do flips in their backyard, but after Shad hurt his wrist skating and couldn't do those things any more, he decided to learn too. He joined an acrosports team at Campion in high school to go along with his black belt in Wado/Kai karate, all of which he incorporates into his stunt work and skateboarding[1]. He wants to maintain his balance between skateboarding and stunt work.

"I'd love to do both. I'm more inclined to stunts, but stunts are easier than skateboarding. I can't get enough of the challenge. Doing a mini-tramp over a car is fun, but it's pretty simple. When you land a trick for the first time it's like 'Wow, that was really hard.'"[1]

In July 2009, William appeared in a free running video filmed in Derby and Liverpool featuring Tim Shieff, Daniel Ilabaca and many other free runners[5].

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