3RUN Family (video)

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3RUN Family

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CreatorDuncan Germain
Thoman Newman - Possibility
Blue Man Group - Rods and Cones
Deep Puddle Dynamic - Pity Party People
Dispatch - Bang Bang
Rush DJ Z - Tom Sawyer (Trip Remix)
John Lurie - Stink
Ian Masterson, Thomas Bleach - Echoes
Creed - Higher

The 3RUN Family video was Duncan Germain's first video that was recognized by dozens, if not hundreds, of members of the online community.

It was released in 2006. With a trip to England to meet, train, and gather video submissions from members of the 3Run forums, Duncan put together an incredibly well-edited video that showcased the talent among the members while presenting values of a family. This is one of the few, if not the best video that shows how close the 3Run forum members are.

Notable athletes include the Armitage brothers, Daniel Ilabaca, Team Evo, and more.