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The 3RUN Family Jam is an annual jam organised by the 3RUN community[1] and team[2]. It is notable for its turnout, usually in the hundreds, with many people travelling from abroad just to join in with the event. The event also has a reputation for bringing together big names and new or rare tricks


[edit] 2006

This was the first family jam and took place on August 5, 2006[3], with quite a few memorable tricks being pulled off by Daniel Ilabaca[3]. Festival pier was already occupied by ravers[4] so the sand part of the jam had to move to the steps further down Southbank which had slopes instead of steps.

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[edit] 2007

The second family jam took place on August 4, 2007, and featured a brief appearance from Chase Armitage who performed a layout 360 gainer from the railing at Festival Pier[5].

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[edit] 2008

The third 3RUN Family Jam took place on August 9th 2008[6], and was unfortunately disrupted by heavy rain. The jam mainly consisted of a large session at Festival Pier, where some new tricks were pulled off including one of the first double gainer and full in back out attempts, before groups split up and headed to other undercover sections in the area.

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[edit] 2009

The 2009 Family Jam took place on August 8, 2009[7]. Chase Armitage took part in the jam, along with other 3RUN team members. The jam was split up into many groups, including a large amount of tumbling early in the day at stone circle with big crowds watching.

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[edit] 2010

The 2010 3RUN Family Jam took place on Saturday, August 14, followed by a sleepover at Basingstoke gym.[8][9] Leading up the jam, weather forecasts had been predicting rain for the Saturday, but luckily it remained dry until late in the afternoon.

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