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3RUN are a professional performance team based in Basingstoke, UK specialising in free running, parkour and martial arts[1]. There is some confusion over whether the term '3RUN' should be used as a team name or the name of a discipline, with many foreign teams using 3run in their teams name[2]. The 3RUN team used to go by the name Team Evolution[3], with 3RUN being described as the discipline they practiced[4], although the original team name does not appear to be used much any more.

3RUN consists only of a main action team, with no sponsored athletes or alternate teams[5]. As of 2009, 3RUN now offer a branded clothing from their online shop[6].


[edit] Team Members

The current members of 3RUN[5] are listed below. See also Category:3RUN team members for members with individual profiles.

[edit] Community

3RUN have a relatively large community, which is reflected by their official forum, one of the busiest free running based forums online. The community often goes by the name 3RUN Family, as can be seen by the 3RUN Family title which is given out on the forums to users who have made a large contribution to the community[8].

The only officially organised community jam by 3RUN is the annual 3RUN Family Jam, taking place during August, which is recognised for it's large turnout.

The community is also remembered for the 3RUN Family video produced by TK17 - a large compilation of clips from members of the community around the world.

[edit] History

The original 3RUN website was stored on http://www.chaselee.tk/ with accompanying forum http://chaselee2002.proboards.com/index.cgi, after which it moved to http://www.supertricks.tk and finally http://www.3run.co.uk/ . During this time 3RUN has stayed as essentially the same team, with only Darren James leaving the team, and 4 new members[9] joining since the team started[10].

In 2008, Cane Armitage joined the team. Followed by Chloe Bruce, Mat Armitage, Michael Wilson and Fabio Santos in 2010.[5]

[edit] Media

3RUN originally became known through their many videos, which were and still are among the most anticipated in the free running community. Well-recognised videos include:

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[edit] Notes

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