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American Parkour is the leading parkour and freerunning community in the world. Established in 2005, APK has grown to be home for over 65,000 registered users, an is visited by almost 100,000 people a month. We are dedicated to providing all the resources the community desires, from daily news to the latest videos, merchandise to ways to connect with other traceurs. While the national scene is important, APK recognizes that most parkour training happens and is coordinated locally, so we also devote a lot of time to helping local communities.

American Parkour was founded by Mark Toorock, and shortly after he also founded The Tribe, one of the most talented and sought-after Parkour performance teams in the world. What really sets The Tribe apart from other performance teams is their dedication to community. In addition to training hard and preparing for performances, shows, commercials, and movies, they are all leaders and role models of the community. They have founded or help organize their own local communities in addition to helping run APK.

As American Parkour grew, Mark created the APK Alliance. The APK Alliance encompasses The Tribe and a new group consisting of next generation of community leaders. Responsibilities and projects are delegated to different members of the Alliance, and it helps run American Parkour more smoothly and efficiently than ever. [1]

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