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Aptrix is a free running team from Switzerland. It's one of the first Free running/Parkour groups in Switzerland due to the lack of popularity in the country.
APTRIX stands for: A -> Acrobatics -> P -> Parkour TRIX -> tricks
One of the main goals of this team is to bring sports in general closer to today's youth. Aptrix want to show the youth can do more than just drink beer, have parties and smoke pot.

[edit] Team Members

The current members of Aptrix are listed below. See also this (Note: it's in german) to get more information about each person.

  • Cedric Kiser
  • Roman Bl├Ąttler
  • Janik von Rotz
  • Martin Achermann
  • Sebastian von Rotz

[edit] History

Aptrix started at the beginning of 2008. After seeing that their progression became better and better they chose to make it more professional. They gave their group a team name called "Team EOF" (Elements of Freerunning) which soon changed to Aptrix.

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