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Ashley "Spyder" Holland was born and raised in Orpington, Kent. From birth I had complications that led to me being in and out of a wheelchair up until the age of 12, spending half of my youth in a hospital bed dreaming of playing sports and being active. Obviously at this point it was impossible so I turned my attention towards comic books, namely ‘Spiderman’. When I turned12, I could no longer hold in my urge for an active life and using my body so I denied further treatment and against the doctors’ expectations became a fit and a very healthy young man. I tried most sports but could never satisfy myself until early 2000 when I created my own form of training, combining a youthful head of Spiderman,Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan which filled my void perfectly. After seeing a television advert with David Belle jumping across and climbing the city with ease, I learnt the name of what he was doing and began teaching myself.