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A backflip, also known as a back somersault, is an acrobatic movement in which the body rolls backwards end over end, making a complete revolution. It is one of the fundamental movements as it the basis for many other moves, and is often one of the first flips that a beginner to free running or tricking will learn.

It is commonly referred to as a 'backflip' although in relation to gymnastics this is not accurate terminology as a back flip refers to a back handspring[citation needed].

[edit] Variations

  • Backtuck
    Performing the move while in the tucked position - this is the most common way to perform a backflip on flat ground.
  • Layout backflip
    Performing the move with a fully extended body rather than a tuck - common when performing a backflip off very high objects.
  • Gainer
    Travelling forwards while performing the backtuck
  • Double backflip
    Performing two back tucks immediately after each other before landing

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