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A back handspring, also known as a flick or backflip, is a movement originating from gymnastics where it is often used as a linking move in tumbling passes. The move involves performing a backflip with a fully extended body, and whilst upside-down using your hands to push off the ground for extra power.

In both gymnastics and free running, a round-off followed by a back handspring is a common way of gaining speed and momentum to set up for bigger moves, such as a twisting backflip or double backflip, with the help of blocking.

[edit] Variations

  • One handed back handspring
    Only one hand pushes off the ground whilst upside-down
  • Back handspring 360
    A 360 twist is performed before the hands reach the ground
  • Back headspring
    The head is used to push off the ground instead of hands

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