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Poster for Banlieue 13

Banlieue 13 is a 2004 French action film, directed by Pierre Morel, and written and produced by Luc Besson[1]. A version with English subtitles was released as District 13, and in North America it was released as District B13[citation needed]. The film stars traceur David Belle and stuntman Cyril Rafaelli, and involves many parkour-inspired scenes without the use of wires of CGI effects[citation needed], as well as many fight sequences involving martial arts.

In 2009 the sequel, Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum was released.


[edit] Plot

In 2010, the dangerous districts in the periphery of Paris are surrounded by walls, and the dwellers do not have school, hospital and even police in the area, which are ruled by drug lords. In the 13th District, Leito is a honest man that lives in a clean building and does not permit drug dealers nearby his neighborhood. When he destroys one million Euros in heroin of Taha Bemamud, the criminal abducts Leito's sister Lola and the corrupt police arrests Leito. Six months later, the tough and honest Capt. Damien Tomaso is assigned to find and deactivate a stolen bomb that might destroy the 13th District and the two million dwellers. Together with Leito, they have to face the gang of Taha and disclose a despicable secret behind the robbery of the bomb.

[edit] Cast

  • David Belle as Leïto, a citizen of District 13
  • Cyril Raffaelli as Capt. Damien Tomaso, an undercover police officer
  • Bibi Naceri as Taha Bemamud, a major gang lord
  • Tony D'Amario as K2, one of Taha's thugs
  • Dany Verissimo as Lola, Leïto's defiant sister
  • François Chattot as Mr Krüger, the Minister of Defence who wants to remove District 13

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[edit] Notes

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