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The bar gainer, also known as a flyaway in gymnastics[1], is a move which must be performed from a horizontal bar after gaining momentum through swinging. When the practitioner is close to the peak of the swing, they release their grip on the bar, and throw themselves into a gainer while travelling forwards, away from the bar.

The move can be seen as easier than a backflip from standing, because part of the rotation is completed while still holding onto the bar, and the momentum of the swing provides a lot of the force needed to finish the flip.

[edit] Common variations

  • Bar gainer 360 - A single full twist is performed during the gainer
  • Bar gainer 720 - A double full twist. To get enough rotation it is normally necessary to perform a layout gainer whilst twisting
  • Bar loser - A loser is performed when reaching the peak of the backwards swing as opposed to the forwards swing

[edit] Notes

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