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3RUN Brazil for Real

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ReleasedMarch 16, 2008
FeaturingChase Armitage
Daniel Ilabaca

Brazil for Real was a video released by 3RUN in early 2008, following Chase Armitage and Daniel Ilabaca as they visited Sao Paulo, Brazil. The video, mainly filmed by Chris Ilabaca, shows the pair training outdoors, as well as in an indoor workshop with specially built obstacles.

The audio has been removed on the official Youtube link, but the original can still be watched with sound from the download link.


  1. 0:16 - 4:17 - Groove Armada - Paris
  2. 4:33 - 6:01 - Soul Position - One Love
  3. 6:09 - 8:37 - Ugly Duckling - Rio De Janero