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Many practitioners of free running, parkour and tricking condition their bodies when not training in their specific discipline, so as to be at the peak of their physical ability, and therefore avoid injury as well as to progress faster.

Conditioning is not essential, but is recommended by several top practitioners[citation needed], especially if you are not involved in any other physical activities.

There are many ways in which you can condition your body:


[edit] Flexibility

Particularly useful for people actively practising tricking, as clean kicks, which are not used in free running or parkour, require good flexibility. Flexibility can also help avoid injury from hyper-extending joints[citation needed].

Flexibility training involves mostly stretching certain muscle groups through different means (such as dynamic, static active and static passive stretching[1]).

[edit] Strength

Useful for free runners and traceurs particularly, as it helps with certain movements such as climb-ups and precisions. However, it's not uncommon for trickers to practice strength training for more explosive jumps, as well as looking good.

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[edit] Notes

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