Dante Grazioli

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Dante Grazioli

Dante Grazioli (Born May 26th 1993) Is an American free runner, traceur, and tricker. He Started when he was at the age of 13 with all of his friends in Colorado Springs. He was a member of the disbanded teams Freak Flyers, and Team Vayne. In 2009 he took part in the X3M world parcouring championships and placed 10th. He is mostly portrayed in videos training with his colleagues, (Such as the Friend Films series) Him and his friends are known for a quite advanced level in acrobatics at young age, and doing larger flip gaps and drops than the average free runner.

[edit] The Friend Films Series

After over 3 years training in free running and parkour, the decision was made by Dante and his friends that they would rather just have fun and share their movement than be on a team. This began a series of videos titled Friend Films, which came out with clips of Dante Grazioli, Dan Teel, Logan Mahone, and many other coloradan traceurs, tricksters, and friends doing movements to a set music track.

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