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Darryl Kensley at Carpenters Down

Darryl Kensley (born November 9, 1989) from Basingstoke, UK is a Freerunner and Mixed Martial Artist. Darryl is noted as being the 1st person to clear the 'Game Workshop' gap with the addition of the metal railing. It is understood he was unaware that previous attempts had been done without the rail present and is quoted saying, "Had I have known, I probably wouldn't have tried!" In 2004 he created Isra Parkour with his friends Sam Sammut and Daniel King. Late 2005 Daniel left the group and Sam and Darryl continued to train making 1 final video before disbanding the Team all together. The last video shot was a light training day turned 'Editing Experiment/Fun' --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY7RLzF_K_0

In 2006 Darryl injured his ankle numerous times till present, consequently he has been unable to train properly and decided to take up MMA whilst figuring his next course of action.

Darryl didnt have it easy starting out due to his 'openness' not only was Darryl threatened with losing a Peer Councelling position in Secondary school because of scenes in his videos showing the school grounds, he was also threatened with legal action by the Founder of Urban Freeflow for having "biased" information on the Teams website. Subsequently the article had to be edited to reflect an untrue account of the History of Parkour in the UK with many holes where content was removed. Both of these instances did nothing but strengthen Darryl's resolve to learn more about Freeunning and Parkour.

Prior to the opening of the Active Life Centre Darryl held training sessions on Parkour basics at the Holy Ghost ruins, it was successful during the Summer but attendees stopped showing during the winter months. Darryl is also recognised locally for putting on some of the most impressive Jams in the Basingstoke area. Not only did they bring together practitioners of all ages but they were also the starting points for some of the South of England's, youngest talent such as Alex Watts and Danny Hutchins.

Darryl is currently awaiting an MRI scan to determine the action taken on his ankle and hopes to be learning from square 1 soon.