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A Cork

A cork (also known as a corkscrew) is a slant gainer with full twist. It is seen in tricking as well as in free running. It is most commonly done from a j-step setup, however it is possible to perform one from a scoot, pivot or swingthrough setup.


[edit] Common Variations

[edit] Oldschool Cork

An oldschool cork is a cork without the flip, a btwist from a gainer set-up. Instead of kicking towards the opposite sholder, the swinging leg is kicked towards the opposite hip or bellow. It is very hard to swingthrough out of it.

[edit] Hyper Cork

A hyper cork is an over-rotated corkscrew which is landed on the swinging leg.

[edit] Boxcutter

A boxcutter is an hyper cork followed with a hook kick done before the take off leg meets the floor.

[edit] Double Cork

A double cork is a cork with an extra spin, a slant gainer double full.

Most cork variations can be done with a double cork (hyper, double leg, boxcutter, etc.) although not all of them have been landed yet.

[edit] Other Varitions

  • Triple Cork
  • Cork Round
  • Shuriken Cork
  • Cork Double Leg/Cork Double Leg Hook
  • Cork Swipe
  • Swipe Knife

[edit] External Links

Cork Tutorial Youtube.