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This article is about the standing double gainer. For the double gainer from a run, see running double gainer.

The standing double gainer is currently one of the most respected moves in the free running community, with only a handful of people having attempted them outside and even fewer having been landed.

This move consists of two consecutive gainers from a single jump, landing in front of the starting position. It can also be described as a double backflip performed whilst travelling forwards.


[edit] History

This section notes all recorded double gainer attempts outdoors to date[1].

[edit] 2007

  • Jonah Mayfield
    In 2007 Jonah Mayfield attempted a double gainer onto sand from a relatively low height, unsuccessfully landing in a faceplant[2]. This is presumed to be the first double gainer attempt outdoors. He comments in the video that he doesn't think he'll ever try it again.

[edit] 2008

  • Joe Scandrett
    At the annual 3RUN Family Jam on August 9th, 2008, Joe Scandrett attempted a double gainer at Festival Pier in London, but he under-rotated and landed on his front[3]. It was later claimed that he was forced into it and didn't want to attempt the move[4].
  • Brett Curry
    Later in August 2008, Brett Curry cleanly landed a double gainer at Festival Pier, making him the first free runner to successfuly land a double gainer on sand.[5].

[edit] 2009

  • Russian Guy
    January 3, 2009, a video was uploaded on Youtube showing a Russian free runner doing both a double backflip and a double gainer from a small wall to grass[6]. This is the first known double gainer onto grass caught on camera.
  • Will Sutton
    In April 2009 during a Liverpool jam, after several attempts onto a crashmat, Will Sutton landed two double gainers onto grass[7]
  • Herttua
    A video released on August 4 2009 of a free running jam in Helsinki contained local free runner Herttua doing a double gainer landed onto grass from a height of about 8 feet[8].

[edit] Notes

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