Double sideflip

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A double sideflip involves two sideflips performed consecutively in one jump.

The double sideflip has been performed from height for years by free runners, usually onto sand or grass. There is currently no evidence of it being landed on concrete.

[edit] History

The punch double sideflip (on film) was first landed on 27 June, 2009 at the Hamar TrickStarz Gathering by Ejik from team MEM[1]. He had attempted it previously in late 2008 in a tricking battle between team MEM and TDMonkeys[2], and many people counted that as the first landed punch double sideflip. However, he claimed that since he did not stick the landing, and fell on his butt afterwards, that it did not count[citation needed].

Although he may have not been the first to land it in the tricking/free running community. He is the only person to have landed it with video evidence to prove it.

It has yet to be landed on flat outside.

[edit] Notes

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