Dvinsk Clan - Le Parkour

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Dvinsk Clan - Le Parkour

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Released2005[citation needed]
CreatorOleg Vorslav
FeaturingOleg Vorslav

Dvinsk Clan - Le Parkour, also known as Russian Climbing, was a free running and parkour video released by Latvian free runner Oleg Vorslav, filmed in Daugavpils, featuring Oleg and other Dvinsk Clan members.

It gained its fame by becoming one of the most viewed videos ever on Google Video[1] and many other video sharing sites.

[edit] Music

  1. 0:00-2:03 - Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death
  2. 2:03-3:35 - 3eme Oeil - Si Triste (Remix ???)
  3. 3:35-3:48 - Keny Arkana - Le Missile est Lance
  4. 3:48-4:35 - Keny Arkana - tout le monde debout
  5. 4:35-5:15 - Keny Arkana - Style Libre
  6. 5:15-7:37 - Bouga - Belsunce Breakdown
  7. 7:37-8:24 - Rob Dougan -Clubbed to Death

[edit] Notes

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