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Erik Ostlund (born December 29, 1993) is a traceur and free runner in Bakersfield, California. He tries to get parkour and freerunning known in California, and has succeeded in bringing people in. So far, he has gotten parkour spread around the high school he attends. He also trains people new to the disciplines and wants to start a parkour/freerunning gym in Bakersfield.

Although he is not well known around the world, he doesn't want to be super famous because he doesnt like media attention. He can be contacted by private message on to his account parkourdude, if need be.

He has not released any videos of himself or his team, Shadow Parkour, but plans to in 2010. His role models include and are not limited to David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, Levi Meeuwenberg, Mr T., and Chase Armitage.

He has trained for almost four years. He wants to spread parkour throughout his school, then city, then county, then state, then southwest U.S.A. But he wants to get at least as far as state. After that he wants to start and finish college, getting a major in either chemistry, physics, psychology, or computers. After he graduates, he wants to tour Japan, and then move to London, England, to train with the professionals.

He has been doing parkour for 6 years as of August 2011, and wants to start up a PK/FR club in high school and college(when he gets there) and wants to start several martial arts, including: tae kwon do, ninjutsu, karate, judo, and bojutsu.

Amongst parkour and freerunning, he likes to snowboard (to learn how to, actually).